SignPuddle 3 Portable System

The system directory contains a portable web server for Windows, Linux, and Mac. The system directory is useful for individual computers or private networks.

For public servers, do not use the system directory, instead use Apache with rewrite rules.


System Files
Project Install

The best way to install SignPuddle 3 is with the command line, either the Windows Command Line (cmd) or a Terminal window for Mac or Linux.

SignPuddle 3 can be installed on a computer or USB drive. The source code is available using git.

cd Desktop  

# Either install in a new SignPuddle3 directory
git clone SignPuddle3

# Or install in current directory
git clone .

Software updates are also available through git.

# a basic update for an unmodified SignPuddle 3
cd SignPuddle3  
git pull

# an update that keeps local changed
cd SignPuddle3
git stash
git pull
git stash pop
Server Configure

The server requires some configuration.

cd SignPuddle3/server  
cd print

For server side printing to PDF, Imagemagick is required with librsvg support

For Mac OS, installing Imagemagick is cumbersome. 1) Install Homebrew. 2) brew install librsvg 3) brew install ghostscript 4) brew install –with-librsvg 5) Install pecl 6) Disable Mac SIP 7) pecl install imagic

Start the System

Use the command line to start the system.

cd SignPuddle3/system  
# Windows  

# Mac or Linux  

Once started, SignPuddle 3 will be available on the same computer with two default URLs.

To access SignPuddle 3 on a different computer or device, use the computer’s individual IP Address available from the output of the start_system script.

        inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
PHP 7.1.16 Development Server started at Wed Sep 19 11:15:04 2018
Listening on
Document root is /Users/slevinski/Desktop/SignPuddle3
Press Ctrl-C to quit.

In this example, SignPuddle 3 will be available with this URL.

Client Configure

The client can be configured by editing the config directory.