SignPuddle 3 Project

Welcome to the SignPuddle 3 beta release.




SignPuddle 3 is currently in beta release. We are actively testing the dictionary and interface sections. Join us on the SignWriting Email List or the public Sutton SignWriting Facebook Group for general discussion. Visit the SignPuddle 3 GitHub repository for source code and technical issues.

The SignPuddle 3 Development Project is divided into five sections. The tools use the source to create the client and server. The system is required if an Apache web server isn’t available.

  • tools - Development Tools

  • source - ApiTxt Format documents

  • client - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • server - RESTful API written in PHP

  • system - Portable web server for Windows, Linux, and Mac

The client is available for preview, with some structure to demo. The client includes developer documentation and basic tools for accessing the server API.

The server is available for use, with some functionality. Standard GET requests can be typed in any browser URL, such as The server can be accessed using JavaScript with the HTTP methods of GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. Additionally, the client API pages provide total access and full details of live server requests.


This is a work in progress. Feedback, bug reports, and patches are welcomed.



To Do

  • searching filter

  • Other SP2 features

  • SignText ** signmaker ** searching ** fingerspelling

  • Interface ** request blank ** server side only manager can update interface keys

  • Dictionary ** request public, practice, and others

  • User ** register new user

  • security db ** update default files

  • Images ** unused checking ** remove images on entry delete

Version History

  • v3.0.0-beta.6 - Jul 25, 2019: SWU documents, tools, and server

  • v3.0.0-beta.5 - Jul 12, 2019: caching and other fixes

  • v3.0.0-beta.1 - Jun 27, 2019: first beta release

  • v3.0.0-alpha.22 - Jun 6th, 2019: image uploads

  • v3.0.0-alpha.18 - May 23rd, 2019: signmaker complete

  • v3.0.0-alpha.17 - May 2nd, 2019: dictionary entry editing and signmaker

  • v3.0.0-alpha.15 - Apr 19th, 2019: detail view and images

  • v3.0.0-alpha.13 - Apr 19th, 2019: term and sign searching

  • v3.0.0-alpha.11 - Apr 11th, 2019: server side PDF printing

  • v3.0.0-alpha.7 - Apr 4th, 2019: dictionary section preview

  • v3.0.0-alpha.6 - Jan 5th, 2019: interface system

  • v3.0.0-alpha.5 - Oct 18th, 2018: user login system framework

  • v3.0.0-alpha.4 - Sept 20th, 2018: documents for system and tools

  • v3.0.0-alpha - Sept 14th, 2018: first release on

  • v1.0.0 - Sept 28th, 2017: initial release